Early 2013 I received a newsletter from Milieucentraal, a Dutch information source on energy and environmental issues. One of the subjects was handling about a new crowdfunding project called “Winddelen” (Dutch). The meaning could get lost in translation a little, but it probably would sound something like “Windshares”. The reason it drew my attention is because it provided an opportunity to participate in a sustainable energy program at a reasonable price.Because I live in an apartment building, it is somewhat of a challenge to connect solar panels, or a windmill, to my meter cupboard. (My flat is part of a joint ownership, therefore the “greenlight” for installation can take some time.)

This initiative is, in my opinion, a very nice and at the same time noble case. The windshares I have purchased represent an actual part of an existing windmill in the north of The Netherlands. It was sold by the previous owner who had it built. The purchase price of the windmill was raised with an amount for maintenance and depreciation for the next 16 years. Each windshare represents a small amount (about 1/10.000) of the total value.
This initiative is supported by one of our nation’s energy provider (Greenchoice). Currently this company is the only one which settles the evoked wind energy with the actual use in my electricity bill. I am really enthusiastic about this project which is the reason to share my windshares with you!